A b o u t


Hi and welcome! My name is Emily Waterfield-Buttner.

About Me

I really, truly, and honestly love my life. I am a wife, to my husband Tommy, a mama to our baby girl Amelia, and together we have four animals, 3 cats, and our dog Sophie. I received a degree in photography, and have my own photography business; shooting weddings, families, and couples, which I absolutely love. I also decided to go back to school a year ago to get certified to become a Health Coach since I knew I had a really deep passion for health and nutrition, and helping others on the path to wellness. I am a homebody (no wanderlust here), and the only other place I love as much as my home is the beach in Ogunquit, Maine. I am a fitness lover, a beach goer, (crazy about summer), I love to garden,  I love being in the kitchen cooking up nourishing meals for my loved ones, and spending time with my husband, and my family means everything to me. I am a total busybody, and I never really slow down (ask my friends).

Why Wellness?

I cannot pinpoint exactly where it started, but I am fascinated with nutrition, and movement, and how it works synergistically with our bodies to create a state of wellbeing. After going through years and years of dealing with painful eczema, having chronic headaches, working through out of whack hormones…(which lead to all sorts of issues every month), I finally stopped seeking doctors opinions, or the perfect pill or cream to take, and looked inward to find the answer. I was blown away by how simply becoming more aware of what I put into my body, and how I treated myself and my mind, I was able to heal myself. I was ignited with this crazy determination to spread the word. I actually probably became really annoying, as I would take every opportunity to spread some fun fact about spinach, or nettle tea, or the benefits of getting out in nature. When I felt at a dead end at my current long time job and felt the need to explore a new path in life, one of my best friends said to me, “have you ever considered becoming a health coach?” I signed up at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition basically the same day, and became a certified Holistic Health Coach. I feel such an amazing sense of fulfillment, being able to use what I am passionate about to help others get to that golden place of balance in their lives. We all have this potential in us to feel amazing everyday, love our bodies, and be a force in the world, sometimes we just need guidance in getting there. I hope this website and blog provides a little inspiration, and maybe a spark, to help get you where you want to be.

Something I always like to remind myself is that we are only given one golden life, and one body, and one mind. Why not feed it the best foods, thoughts, and experiences so we feel unstoppable our whole lives?